Professional Development

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E4E provides up-to-date, researched based strategies to assist administrators and teachers in preparing their students for the Keystone Exams.  Pennsylvania is moving towards PA Common Core and Career Readiness Standards and E4E combines best practices from leading educational theorists with innovative and proven strategies for fostering student success. We will help you enhance your offerings by providing professional development in areas that include but are not limited to:

  • PA Common Core and Career Readiness Standards

  • Inter-disciplinary Lesson Planning/Cross-Cutting Competencies

  • Backwards Design

  • Creating a nurturing learning environment

  • Developing academic risk takers

  • The importance of structure and routine in the classroom

  • Classroom Management

In addition to group professional development, E4E also offers continuous classroom coaching


Young Students

E4E offers a variety of workshops/trainings that are designed for individuals who work in early childhood development. Participants will explore current research on childhood development from birth through age 5 and learn how to create appropriate classroom activities. Participants will also work on crafting objectives and using master skills to accurately evaluate child development and raise awareness of possible learning disabilities. We will help you enhance your offerings by providing professional development in areas that include but are not limited to:

  • Age appropriate socialization activities

  • Building better communication between child care providers and parents

  • Early childhood program management

  • Behavior management in early child hood development

  • First Aid & CPR

  • State mandated reporting processes and procedures


E4E offers a variety of workshops/trainings that are designed for individuals who provide either before or after school care or vacation care for school aged children. Participants will explore current research on supplemental and/or enrichment options geared towards a student’s age or ability level. Participants will enhance their awareness of learning and developmental differences as well as develop techniques to increase academic engagement. We will help you enhance your offerings by providing professional development in areas that include but are not limited to:

  • Creative activities for children of all ages

  • Re-teaching/Enrichment activities

  • First Aid & CPR

  • State mandated reporting processes and procedures


E4E can provide professional development that meets the ever-changing needs of social work and human services.  Participants will receive up-to-date information on state mandates and training requirements, as well as the most current and successful trends in social work.  We will help you enhance your offerings by providing professional development in areas that include but are not limited to:

  • Time Management

  • Case management (Managing the difficult case)

  • Case Law- city, state & federal

  • Navigating the Child Care System

  • Cultural Diversity/Sensitivity

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Parent Education/Involvement Workshops


Parental involvement is a key factor in student achievement. E4E offers interactive workshops designed to bolster parental engagement in students’ academics and school culture. We offer professional development on parent outreach, as well as workshops to bridge the gap between home and school. We will help you improve parental involvement by providing professional development in areas that include but are not limited to:

  • Strategically managing parental feelings of alienation towards an academic setting

  • Effective communication between school and family

  • Effective methods of increasing parental engagement

  • Cultural Diversity/Sensitivity

Children don't come with a handbook. However, there are many strategies and tools for parents to use in order to ensure their child is successful in life and in school. E4E’s customized parenting support workshops can help parents prepare their child for adulthood. Some topics include:

  • The joys & challenges of parenting

    • Positive Reinforcement

    • Establishing clear boundaries

    • Age appropriate discipline

  • Keeping your children safe while teaching what is important.

    • Find ways to start the conversation about love, relationships and sex.

    • Respond effectively to questions

    • Be approachable & provide reliable information

  • The learning process and child development.

    • Birth through age 5

    • The elementary years

    • The middle years

    • The teen years

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In-School Services

In school-services are programs taught to students during their school day and offered as part of the class curriculum or as an elective class at school. The services are comprised of Financial Literacy, In-school service programs can last 1-12 weeks.
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Students at greatest risk for dropping out of school are those who have never formed positive relationships with his/her teachers. E4E provides interactive workshops designed to foster student investment & engagement. We offer professional development on how to nurture the social and emotional well-being of students, effectively encourage good attendance, and cultivate positive connections between students and school faculty and staff. We will help you improve student commitment by providing professional development in areas that include but are not limited to:

  • Educating the Whole Child- Social & Emotional Well-Being

    • Bullying prevention

    • School Climate

    • Cultural Sensitivity

    • Peer Mediation

  • Student engagement

    • Helping students develop practices for taking responsibility for their education

    • Helping students become academic risk takers

  • Truancy Reduction

    • Connecting Home & School

    • Encouraging student engagement

  • Mentoring Programs

    • Each One, Reach One

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E4E provides one-on-one and group tutoring to students of all grade level in literacy/reading, writing, science and math with emphasis on problem solving. In addition, tutoring services for older students includes GED, essay writing, reading comprehension, and world languages.


SAT/ACT Prep classes are offered for high school juniors and seniors. This 12-session curriculum supports students in their mastery of the Reading, Writing and Mathematics sections of the SATs. E4E instructors provide assessments of academic needs and assists participants in developing learning plans to strategically prepare for testing. All participants receive one SAT Prep book, timed pre and post practice tests, and instructor expertise to help youth optimize their SAT performance.
E4E also offers personalized guidance regarding college selection, applications, post-secondary opportunities and financial aid. Also, our college preparation programs include an assessment using college and career inventories.
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Youth Development Programs

Youth Development & Student Engagement Programming:



High School Students
E4E’s job readiness training curriculum introduces students of all ages to the realities of today’s workforce. Whether exploring career options and interests, or pursuing that first job, E4E supports students by helping them discover what they can to get out of work besides a paycheck, develop the soft skills necessary for the workplace, set goals and create action plans to achieve those goals.
A sampling of the E4E interactive sessions to engage students in preparing for their careers:

  • The Difference Between a Job and a Career:

    • Analyze the differences between being a wage earner and a salary earner

    • Explore career directions and the required training, education, certification, etc.

  • Work for Free?

    • Explore the benefits of volunteer work, apprenticeships, and other types of unpaid work experience

    • Explore methods of maximizing internships & apprenticeships and job shadowing opportunities

  • What is Your Virtual Profile?

    • The impact of Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. on job searches

  • Networking

    • Learn to develop relationships or “contacts,” and build partnerships that support the pursuit of your career goals

  • Resume Writing

    • Learn the basics of writing a resume (format, employment and education history, skills and proficiencies)

    • How to turn your summer work experience, unpaid work experience, and life experience into marketable skills

  • Entering the Workforce

    • Discuss realities vs. perceptions

    • Mock interviews: What are the Do’s and Don’ts of interviewing

    • Discuss the qualities employers expect from an employee: punctuality, attendance, professional dress, appropriate speech, electronic etiquette, non-verbal signals and communication

For students already in the workforce and are seeking to improve their standing, in addition to the sessions listed above, E4E also provides the following:

  • Career Development (Navigating the Job Market in Challenging Times)

  • Career Directions- Most people fail to have a career plan. We can help your students strengthening their skills and proficiencies, matching skills to personal preferences; discuss the impact of values and passion on performance; provide career counseling and career development


Computer Students

Youth Development & Student Engagement Programming
Whether you’re new to Microsoft Office Suite or need a refresher, E4E's facilitators provide hands-on instruction in MS PowerPoint, Word and Excel. Instructors help students create effective and professional MS PowerPoint presentations, explore the capabilities of MS Word to produce letters, flyers and mailings, and learn how to construct tables, charts and graphs in MS Excel using micros and formulas.


A healthy lifestyle is vital to increased productivity. When children are fit and healthy they have much more energy and a much better outlook on life without having to worry about health problems. E4E offers multiple programs that provide motivational total body workouts, sports camps, clinics and beginner classes for basketball, football and other nontraditional sports.


You Are What You Eat!:  Preparing a meal is even more fun with friends! We teach students how to prepare healthy foods with the help of your friends. In this series, students will learn how to prepare simple and healthy recipes and the importance of meal planning. Bon Appétit!


Find out all about digital photography. Through lectures, demonstrations, and hands on practice, learn to operate a digital camera, including a wide range of functions like composing images, editing and printing photos.  Additional topics cover photo correction, retouching, special effects and compositing images.


E4E can provide individuals of all ages 15 and up, in the classroom, the skills needed to meet the requirements for driving a car safely in the city and on highways. Successful completion of this 10-session course in classroom theory could qualify a family for special discounts on car insurance at participating companies. Students who successfully complete this course will be certified as safe-drivers. 


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Technical Assistance

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Quality Improvement & Policy development for nonprofits, schools and community-based programming
If you are considering starting a 501 3 (C) nonprofit or a small business, E4E offers a variety of workshops that can help you get your business venture of the ground. E4E can provide the training to help you develop a business idea, create a business plan, conduct marketing research, evaluate insurance options, and grow your business successfully. Services include:

  • How to start a small business

  • How to start a non-profit

  • Accounting: guidelines & procedures

  • Effective grant writing

  • Writing effective press releases

  • Cost effective methods of promoting and building a business

  • Cost effective methods of raising the profile of a non-profit

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Grant writing & curriculum development

Grant writing is at the core securing funding for any nonprofit organization.  Let E4E teach you all aspects of grant writing to insure successful proposals for funding of your organization. Topics include creating a proposal strategy, grant writing formats, project development based on funders’ guidelines, and program evaluation.

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Event Planning for nonprofits, schools and school-based programming

Whether it's a seminar, prom, conference, fair, retreat or fundraiser, you need sound planning and project management to ensure a successful event. E4E can get the job done. You set the goals, and we will successfully pull it off on time and on budget.

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