about US


E4E is an organization committed to serving communities through educational services, professional development/training, advocacy and social supports.


Let us give your faculty and staff the skills needed to engage your students and create a supportive learning environment before, during and after school. We provide effective hands-on, project-driven activities that are educational, fun, and full of excitement.

E4E offers an array of on-site services that are designed to develop and improve the skills needed in K-12 education, early childhood education and other educational supports. We have more than one hundred professional development and parent education titles as well as a variety of youth development and student achievement programs. E4E has a committed team of experienced trainers and youth development professionals that will guide your organization step-by-step through the process of creating a-one-of-a-kind improvement program. Possible areas of focus include student academics, school climate and discipline, teacher coaching, early childhood development, and parental services.

Our youth development and student achievement programs are designed to create an exciting and engaging learning environment for students. Possible services may include tutoring, mentoring, job readiness, post-secondary education planning and other programs aimed at developing students' life skills.